Company History


Proven success

Since 1980 the WIPRO UNZA Group has successfully built a wide portfolio of brands for the personal care and household products markets of Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, the Group manufactures and markets leading brands across 50 territories within South East Asia, Greater China and beyond.

Creating brands

WIPRO UNZA has a portfolio of 24 brands with 6 identified focus brands. WIPRO UNZA’s leading brands include ENCHANTEUR, SAFI, EVERSOFT, DASHING, CARRIE, ROMANO and VITALIS in the personal care products market and VIGOR and MAXKLEEN in the household products market.

Many WIPRO UNZA products enjoy positions of market leadership due to the fact that its brands are specifically designed and created with the Asian consumer in mind.

Experienced management

The WIPRO UNZA Group is led by an experienced, professional management team, who are supported by a dedicated multinational workforce of over 4,000 employees comprising 18 different nationalities.

Efficient manufacturing

To ensure product quality, consistency and flexibility of supply, WIPRO UNZA manufactures nearly 90% of its products in its own factories located in Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Indonesia.

These products are sold through an estimated 258,000 retail outlets in South East Asia and Greater China. Outside of these core markets, WIPRO UNZA exports products to third-party importers and distributors, principally in the Indian Sub-continent, the Middle East and Africa.