Company Profile


Mission Statement

To attain a position of selective prominence in the household and personal care markets across Asia as a marketer of high quality and innovative brands, which enhance the lifestyle of our consumers, provide a good return on investment for our shareholders and allow our employees to realise their personal ambitions.

WIPRO UNZA, part of Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Group, is amongst South East Asia’s leading manufacturer and marketers of personal care products, bringing Asian focused brands to millions of Asian consumers.

WIPRO UNZA at a glance:

  • A Wipro Group Company;
  • Specific focus on the Asian consumer;
  • Well-targeted portfolio of brands;
  • Experienced and committed management team;
  • Infrastructure within core growth markets;
  • Fast to exploit market opportunities

WIPRO UNZA operates an integrated product development, production, marketing and sales operation across its core markets, which are home to over one third of the world’s population. WIPRO UNZA services over 258,000 retail outlets across South East Asia and Greater China.

  • Building Brands
  • Our Customers
  • The Future

The creation and constant development of brands and new products are central to WIPRO UNZA’s marketing strategy.

Brand building

With some 24 proprietary brands, WIPRO UNZA invests heavily in the process of creating new brands and constantly refining, updating and improving its existing brands. This critical process is spearheaded by WIPRO UNZA’s marketing teams, which comprise over 90 members of staff who are located in our key markets across Asia.

New Product development

WIPRO UNZA designs and develops its own products in its Research and Development centres in Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Rigorous testing, backed up by consumer research, ensures new products fully meet consumer requirements. All new products go through stringent safety checks and are subject to the approval of WIPRO UNZA’s Product Safety Assessment Committee before they are released to market.

All WIPRO UNZA’s products conform to international standards including Federal Drug Authority (FDA), European Economic Community (EEC)/COLIPA, British Pharmacopoeia (BP), Cosmetics, Toiletries & Fragrance Association (CTFA).




Organization named WIPRO UNZA


LD Waxson becomes part of WIPRO Group


Zhongshan Ma Er become part of Wipro Group



January: UNZA acquires PT Vitalis, Indonesia


August: UNZA Group becomes part of WIPRO


Yardley of London Group becomes part of WIPRO



Incorporation of UNZA



Incorporation of WIPRO