Company Structure


    • Senior General Manager

      Mr. Chan Woei Shyong

      Shyong is no stranger to challenges and magnitude. In his more than 20 years’ career with global brand giants such as Nestle, Auric Pacific and L’oreal, Senior General Manager Shyong has taken on leadership roles driving company growth and sales locally and overseas. His bold spirit saw him exploring and opening new markets in in Asia including China, Indian subcontinent and Africa.
      On home ground, Shyong’s innovative vision saw the company moving into new digital practices by streamlining the workflow with an improved sales management system for reports and analysis, and even set-up a mobile app for reporting purposes. One of his proud achievements at the Wipro Unza is also leading three major transformation for flagship brand Eversoft and achieving high profit tier targets in most financial years.
      Open communication is a trait Shyong values in his team. He favours open discussions, and encourages his team to take calculated risks to grow their capabilities and test new markets.
      A lover of nature, Shyong breeds beautiful butterflies in his garden. He also likes to keep up with technology trends especially in the world of digital transformation.

    • Finance & Administration Manager

      Ms. Wendy Wong

      Heading the Finance and Administrative department, Wendy is one lady boss who is standing at the forefront of a dynamic company.
      Since joining the company in 2001, Wendy has been devising innovative ways to streamline practices while ensuring a clean statutory bill and smooth flow of logistics in the warehouse. Moving the company into the digital era, Wendy and team implemented a mobile app to take over manual sales entries and ensured consistency in SOP by producing a workflow process manual. The company is now performing more efficiently and headed towards an automated infrastructure due to Wendy’s technology-driven and innovative spirit.
      Active in the mind and body, she is an avid hiker and maintains a 10,000 steps a day. She also has a green thumb cultivating tropical fruits such as soursop, star fruits and even the finicky orchids.

    • National Sales Manager

      Mr. Teo Kay Leong

      Kay Leong is immersed with years of experience and has deep industry knowledge pertaining to sales, shopper customer marketing, channel and distributor management.
      As a National Sales Manager, he knows that success is not just about setting some ambitious goal. Leading the sales team, he makes sure his employees are aligned with the objectives and are equipped with the skills to deliver the company’s targets. He analyses the strengths and weaknesses of his team members, and assigns them to the most suitable tasks. Ensuring his team feels respected and valued is how he keeps a safe and diverse work environment.
      In his free time, Kay Leong cultivates his mind by reading Chinese classics and histories such as Rise of the Three Kingdoms, Seven Warring States and Chu-Han Contention.

    • Marketing Manager

      Ms. Wen Meifang

      Perseverance and foresight are the two key traits that make Mei Fang a successful Marketing Manager at Wipro Unza.
      Since joining the company in 2012, Mei Fang has planned and activated short- and long-term strategies contributing to the company’s goals and vision.
      She came to Wipro Unza with more than 15 years of marketing experience from top F&B companies like Unilever and Malaysia Dairy Industries.
      Coming from a food and beverage industries background, Meifang took to beauty care products like a professional. She led the team to relaunch the entire range of Eversoft shower and facial cleanser products and debuted a full range of skincare from Korea in a competitive consumer environment – all within just a few years. Passionate and determined, Mei Fang is always thinking of ways to invent exciting marketing strategies to keep her customers happy and implementing ideas for a growing business.
      To keep herself happy, Mei Fang regularly jogs and enjoys shopping and tea time.

    • Promoter Manager

      Mr. Robin Yiew

      Robin is an industry veteran in sales with over 20 years of experience working for top FMCG companies like Nestle Singapore and Malaysia Dairy Industries.
      Since 2014, as a Promoter Manager, Robin has been leading a team of Sales Promoters and Beauty Advisors, and achieving company goals. Recognition is a way Robin show his team that he values and respect them.
      Always finding new ways to reward good work, Robin created a new position – Senior Promoter for promoters who possess strong skincare product knowledge. The selected person gets to assist Robin in training and cultivating the skills of less apt employees. With Robin as your leader, you can be assured nobody gets left behind.
      An explorer at heart, Robin enjoys travelling during his vacation days and relaxes with music.