Manufacturing Facilities


WIPRO UNZA has grown rapidly in the expanding markets of Asia due to its innovative brand and product creation processes coupled with extensive manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Manufacturing facilities

WIPRO UNZA manufactures nearly 90% of all the products it sells with the remaining 10% outsourced to specialist contract manufacturers. The Group’s Subang Jaya complex is currently the largest and occupies a land area of some 36,610 m2. The Kajang plant occupies a land of 19,731 m2 and these two facilities service Malaysia, Singapore and export markets.

WIPRO UNZA’s factory in Vietnam sits on a 10,618 m2 site in the “Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park” (VSIP) and has recently undergone a major expansion programme to ensure the projected demands from Indochina will be met.

In China, WIPRO UNZA has a “state of the art” factory in the Dongguan Science Park which occupies 21,838 m2. This factory continues to expand to meet the needs of our growing market and consumer base in China.

In Indonesia, our latest and most modern factory is in Salatiga in central Java. The 30,000 m2 plant is well equipped to meet all the needs of the fast growing Indonesian market. A recently added facility to manufacture aerosols will help address the group focus on the deodorant market segment.

Manufacturing quality

WIPRO UNZA has invested in state of the art manufacturing and logistics facilities ensuring quality and speed of supply to all its customers. WIPRO UNZA’s manufacturing plants are located in Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Indonesia and are well positioned to meet the growing needs of consumers across the region.

International standards

All factories are ISO 9001:2000 certified and our factories in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam are also ISO 14001 certified for environmentally sustainable operations.