Research & Development


About Wipro Skin Research & Innovation Centre in Malaysia

Wipro brings you the world’s largest and most advanced halal skincare R&D facility. With all the extensive consumer and scientific research on climate conditions in our country, these products attend well to Asian skins. With the setup of the Wipro Skin Research and Innovation Centre, Wipro will develop cost effective, innovative and exciting products that are of good quality in terms of efficacy and stability.
Consumers can look forward to new products with exciting ingredients and actives, the best skin compatibility, superior sensorial profile and highest standards of safety and efficacy. Wipro’s engages over 100 researches and scientists from diverse science disciplines.On top of that, the business also employs expertise of more than 200 research scientists via collaborative networks with local or overseas institutions.


Fact Sheet

Inauguration of Wipro Research & Innovation Centre
R&I Investment & Commitment

  1. Built the first Wipro Skin Research and Innovation Center in Malaysia as a commitment to science and dermatological research.
  2. Engaged over 100 researchers and scientists from diverse science disciplines, molecular biology, immunology, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, and biochemistry
  3. Dedicated more than RM10 million to build the new Skin Research and Innovation Center of state-of-art research facilities.

R&I mission

  1. Develop consumer centric product with good quality in terms of efficacy, stability and cost effectiveness.
  2. Enroll in industrial oriented research in pace with the cosmeceutical era of beauty industry, predominantly.
  3. Create new consumer demand and maintain high standard of product safety with regulatory requirements in skin care.


R&I Facility And Expertise

  1. State-of-art R&D facility on molecular biology and tissue culture with well-equipped clinical laboratory to conduct in-depth skin research studies complemented with clinical trials to support Wipro’s innovation.
  2. Technology transfer from global renown institutions of country like Germany to work on the best skin delivery system integrated with nanotechnology to ensure the functional actives can be delivered into the skin with good bioavailability.
  3. Non-animal testing is conducted throughout the research activity as it is based on testing reconstituted human skin to design the best formula.
  4. Established analytical research unit equipped with highly sophisticated equipment to conduct analysis on most complex compounds and its measurements up to parts per billion level.